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Learn how to fix common errors while using Gamma

Clear Cache Options

There are several different levels of refreshing in most modern browsers,



F5 or CRTL + R or

Hard Reload


Empty Cache



This option is the simplest way to reload your browser. Most have a button on the user interface to do so. This option will not delete the cache (stored page data).

Hard Reload

This is a more aggressive way to reload your browser. This option will delete the cache of this particular page and redownload everything. This is a good option for reloading crypto applications after updates, bugs, and more.

Empty Cache + Hard Reload

This is the most aggressive way to reload your browser. This option will delete the cache of an entire browser and re-download everything. This is a good option if you face systemic errors in browsing multiple sites. Some people advocate doing this routinely, combining it with deleting your history, cookies, and other data.

Clear Local Web Storage

Sometimes, another form of resetting is needed. In this case, we're going to use the browser's console to clear your local web storage

Using Chrome for this demonstration

1) Open the Gamma App

2) Press F12 to open your console

Opening the console will open a large internal window on the right. Don't get overwhelmed! This can be a very confusing step. This is HTML code of the webpage. We are interested in the menu at the top.

3) Select "Application"

From an expansion tab, find the "Application" tab and select it.

4) Right-click on Local Storage

From here, open "Local Storage" and confirm you are on the right application. This can be different if using Uniswap or Quickswap.

5) Select "Clear"

Right-click the application and select "Clear". This should clear out any data you already have.

6) Return

Close the console by pressing F12 and return to the Gamma App. Hopefully, your error should be fixed.

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