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A protocol for active liquidity management and market-making strategies.

Gamma offers non-custodial, automated, and active concentrated liquidity management services.


We manage the liquidity of leading DeFi and Web3 protocols using tailor-made strategies. These strategies aim to maximize capital efficiency, reduce the cost of emissions, or maintain consistent in-range liquidity with low price impact.

Gamma uses vaults, which are upgradable contracts that interact with AMMs. Vaults can be deployed for any AMM, pair, fee tier, and on various networks. Vaults mint fractional liquidity pool (LP) tokens that collect fees.

Gamma utilizes a variety of automatic, algorithmic strategies developed by its research arm to manage liquidity in each vault properly. These strategies are constantly being updated, modified, and analyzed for performance and are tailored to the liquidity provider's needs, whether maximizing profit or reducing slippage.

Gamma's dApp has various features, including access to native staking, liquidity mining, vault performance, and more.

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