Contracts / Wallets

A list of important wallets, contracts, and other information from block scanners and GitHub.


Gamma uses the Blockscan family and Github to display contract and code information.

Token Information

These links contain information about GAMMA and xGAMMA tokens.

Protocol-owned Liquidity

These links contain information about Gamma's protocol-owned liquidity pools.

Staking Wallets

These links contain information about staked GAMMA.

Staking Contracts

These links contain the staking contracts.

Vault Contracts

A comprehensive list of vault contracts.

Subgraph (Wire2)

The subgraph is how much of the information about Gamma's vaults is ported to the Gamma app and third-party applications like DefiLlama, Token Terminal, and more. nt



Incentive Contracts (Masterchef)

These contracts are slightly modified forks of Sushiswap's "Masterchef" incentives system. LP tokens are deposited into these contracts for staking rewards.

Rewarders Contracts

These contracts control how much and what kind of rewards each vault distributes to stakers.
dQuick I
dQuick II

Uniproxy Contracts

These contracts calculate the deposit ratio and ensure the deposits are not attacked or manipulated.

HypeRegistry Contracts

These contracts store all the vaults under each AMM/network for export to third-party applications and integrations.

Fee Accumulation Wallets

These wallets receive the fees from AMM/network in preparation to be bridged to the mainnet for GAMMA stakers.
Not available right now.

Protocol Wallets

These wallets are under the control of the team under multi-signature authorization. Note that the wallets listed here do not account for the entire "treasury" of the protocol but just the public wallets with GAMMA in them.

Community Treasuries

These wallets are public-goods treasuries for receiving LP rewards, grant awards, token swaps, and other community-oriented tokens.

DeFiLlama Adapters

These adapters provide DeFi Llama with up-to-date information about TVL, vault rewards, and more.

Zapper Adapters

These adapters allow users to see their LP tokens and rewards on Zapper.
Adapters pending.