Contracts / Wallets

A list of important wallets, contracts, and other information from block scanners and GitHub.


Gamma uses Block Explorers and Github to display contract and code information.

Token Information

These links contain information about GAMMA and xGAMMA tokens.

Token Liquidity Pools

These links contain information about Gamma's GAMMA liquidity pools.

Staking Contracts

These links contain information about staked GAMMA.

Protocol Wallets

These wallets are under the control of the team under multi-signature authorization.
Team Wallets: Used for operational or strategic expenses to Gamma
Community Treasury: Used for public good or incentive programs.
Gammastrategies.eth: Used as a delegate address.
*Note that the wallets listed here do not account for the entire "treasury" of the protocol but just the public wallets with GAMMA in them.
Name / Address
Etherscan Link
GnosisSafe Link
Team Wallet I (0x04...59A2)
Team Wallet II (0x0B...f3cb)
Team Wallet III (0xf2...9a47)
Team Wallet IV (0x7D...E480)
Team Wallet V (0x6A...3B47)
Team Wallet VI (0x32...d1bb)
Polygon PoS Community Treasury (0xe1...87C4)
Arbitrum Community Treasury (0x8b...00Df)
Optimism Community Treasury (0xfE...2940)
Gammastrategies.eth (0x40...1c83)

Fee Accumulation Wallets

These wallets receive the fees from integrated protocols in preparation to be bridged to the mainnet for GAMMA stakers.
Not available right now.

Vault (Hypervisor) Contracts

A comprehensive list of vault contracts.

Infrastructure Contracts

These contracts are critical support infrastructure for Gamma.
HypeRegistry: These contracts store all the Vaults under each AMM/chain for integrations and reference.
UniProxy: All deposits must go through the UniProxy (deposit proxy) to ensure deposit safety
Clearing: These contracts provide the deposit-clearing logic for the UniProxy contract. It provides safeguards to ensure that the deposits are not used to attack the vault by mandating deposit ratios and implementing TWAP checks and deposit caps.
Admin: These contracts have limited functionality to rebalance and compound the positions as well as replace the UniProxy contract addresses amongst other functionality
ChefRegistry: These contracts store all the Gammachefs under each AMM/chain for integrations and reference.
Gammachef: These contracts are a modified version of Sushiswap's "MasterchefV2 + Rewarder" incentives system. LP tokens are deposited into Gammachef, which directs an array of rewarders to transfer reward tokens to the user
Rewarder: These contracts are attached to the Gammachef and can reward any number of positions listed in the Gammachef. An unlimited array of rewarders may be attached to any position within the Gammachef allowing for an unlimited variety of token rewards per LP position

Subgraph (Wire2)

The subgraph is how much of the information about Gamma's vaults is ported to the Gamma app and third-party applications like DefiLlama, Token Terminal, and more.
Vault Data: Returns data on the vaults
Gammachef: In-house incentive program on our subgraph
Merkl: Links to Merkl rewards
Other: Other notable reward contracts

DeFiLlama Adapters

These adapters provide DeFi Llama with up-to-date information about TVL, vault rewards, and more.

Zapper Adapters

These adapters allow users to see their LP tokens and rewards on Zapper.
Adapters pending