Withdraw Liquidity

Learn how to withdraw your liquidity to claim your accrued fees.

1) Go to the Gamma App

We'll continue in this guide from where we left off in our "Deposit Liquidity" guide. We'll be working with a small position in the WBTC-WETH vault. If you need help depositing or would like to go over the steps, please start here:

pageDeposit Liquidity

Once you're up to speed, navigate to the Gamma App and load the liquidity dashboard.

Uniswap V3:

Quickswap V3:

2) Connect your wallet

Your position will not appear unless you connect your wallet where the LP tokens are held. Press the "Connect wallet" button to get started.

Once you connect your wallet, your position should appear on the dashboard.

You're now ready to withdraw from the liquidity vault.

3) Dissolve your LP tokens

Click on the position in the dashboard to bring up the details, and select the "Withdraw" tab on the right. This will show you your LP token balance and the ratio of tokens you hold. Note: the ratio changed from your deposit of 92% and 8% to 83% and 17%. These numbers might influence your decision to withdraw or not.

You may withdraw any value you feel is appropriate. In this example, we'll be withdrawing 100% of our funds. Click the "Max" button to withdraw the entire position, and then click withdraw.

Follow the prompts on your wallet. Withdrawing only has one large transaction. You do not need to perform any approvals or wrap any funds.

After completing the transaction, your LP tokens should be exchanged for WBTC and WETH. Please keep in mind that your ETH will be withdrawn as Wrapped ETH. It's common for liquidity providers to move into a new vault immediately, so unwrapping the ETH is only needed if you intend to trade it as ETH. If you want to unwrap your ETH quickly and cheaply, use Uniswap or any major exchange.

You can switch to the deposit tab to see if your funds have returned.

5) Confirm UI information

Once we return to the dashboard, you can see that your LP tokens are now gone, and have been returned to your wallet.

6) Confirm on Etherscan

Let's double-check the transaction on etherscan. You can look directly at your wallet by going to etherscan.io, but let's take a shortcut through metamask.

Click on the last transaction in Metamask, and bring up the details.

Click on "View on Block Explorer". You'll be taken to Etherscan.

You'll notice that there was more than one source of funds being returned to you. This is your position, the collected fees, and the uncompounded fees.

Congratulations, you made a withdrawal from a Gamma vault.

OK, now do another one!

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