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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Gamma Automated

I'm confused how to use Gamma. Where can I get some help?

We have extensive guides to walk users through Providing Liquidity.

Are there deposit caps or withdrawal caps?

Gamma has no deposit or withdrawal caps.

Does Gamma use dual-sided deposits, single-sided deposits, or both?

Gamma uses dual-sided deposits.

Single-sided deposits have a reputation for being unsafe. They're prone to oracle manipulation. They require the protocol to swap some of the deposited tokens to deposit. This increases the costs associated with depositing. In concentrated liquidity, the pair ratio frequently changes, complicating single-sided deposits even more.

Gamma has some ideas about making single-sided deposits work. We left the option up on our user interface for when those solutions are available. They will be announced when they are.

Do L2 vaults have any advantages or disadvantages over L1 vaults?

L2 strategies can implement frequent swapping and range adjustment without incurring excessive gas costs. This allows a much wider variety of strategies to be implemented. They are also cheaper for the user to approve, deposit, and withdraw. Learn to use.

How is Gamma non-custodial?

Gamma Automated is non-custodial because Gamma does not control a user's funds. Depositing into a vault allows users to participate but does not restrict users from withdrawing from the vault. Likewise, users still retain control of their LP tokens when they participate in an incentives program by staking their LP tokens.

Where is the source of ethereum mainnet TVL? The number appears inflated.

There are two sources of funds that increase the TVL on ethereum mainnet

The first is the v1 vaults (legacy vaults), which you can find a link to on the dashboard.

The second is Incentives users who have private vaults with us. These are usually DAOs/protocols that we manage liquidity for.

How can I identify rebalances and compounding events on chain?

On the appropriate block explorers, under the vault contract, switch to the "events" tab. You'll see rebalances (Rebalance) and compounding (ZeroBurn) events.

Using Block Explorers

Do I need to rebalance and rerange my assets?

No. Gamma does these things for you.

Why has the liquidity range dramatically increased on a pair?

Liquidity ranges often increase due to volatility or predicted volatitliy. Sometimes the best strategy for uncertain situations is the widen the range and derisk impermanent loss at the cost of fewer fees.

A pair is out of range. Why hasn't Gamma re-ranged it?

Rebalancing is often a knee-jerk reaction to a vault going out of range. This is not always the best course of action. Rebalancing when the vault is unbalanced locks in impermanent loss. Sometimes, waiting for the vault to come back into range is better.

I just staked my LP tokens for incentives, but they're gone. Where did they go?

Our incentives contract requires users to deposit their LP tokens into the contract (stake) to receive rewards. At that point, they leave your wallet (you still have custody, though), but the effect is that they disappear from our main dashboard, Debank, Zapper, etc.

We have a fix for this in the works.

I'm getting errors on approvals or deposits. What should I do?

Try restarting the deposit/withdrawal and go through the Reset the App process. This will usually clear the error.

What is the error "improper ratio" mean?

When depositing assets into a vault, sometimes the ratio changes between the time you've done your approvals and deposit. If this happens, just Reset the App and start over.

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