Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Gamma's operations, management, team structure, and plans

Is the team anonymous?

In its current form, yes, the team is anonymous. However, that does not mean the team is not-accessible. Our team members routinely meet with other protocols, do AMAs, and attend conferences.

Why is the team anonymous?

The primary reason the team is anonymous is unclear regulatory issues in the United States. Our team members do not want to be prosecuted for trying to build a decentralized finance protocol.

How is the Gamma team structured?

Different team members focus on business development, coding, marketing, social media, documentation, community management, and more.

We have a project lead, two back-end developers, two front-end developers, two data back-end developers, one lead strategist, one UI designer, and two community managers. Gamma also uses a variety of contractors for odd jobs and specialized work.

Does Gamma have advisors?

Yes. Our investors and supporters routinely help us with business development, operations, and strategy. We are proud to work with them.

Where does community interaction happen?

Gamma primarily uses Discord for its community and support. Announcements are made on Twitter, Discord, and our Telegram announcement channel. In-depth discussions are published on Medium and Twitter threads.

Does Gamma have a treasury?

Gamma does have a treasury on a multi-sig, but it's not accessible to the public. Team-controlled wallets, including their GAMMA and other assets, are public. Gamma restricts its treasury due to OPSEC and regulatory concerns.

How much runway does the team have to operate with?

The team has funds to operate into 2025 at our current fundraising levels. Gamma hopes to be sustainable through fee production well before that.

I received a DM from a team member. Is this legitimate?

No. The Gamma team will never DM you first. Consider all DMs a possible scam.

How does Gamma market it's products?

Gamma markets its products by keeping up-to-date information on all the most credible listings and information sites. You can check these out in Listings.

Regarding drawing in users, it's been proven that quality yields, ROI, and security bring LPs and protocols to you. When we can, we advertise and promote our operations on social media.

Does the team do AMAs, promotions, interviews, or other media?

Gamma members are happy to do interviews, sit on panels, and participate in Twitter spaces and community calls. We do not do paid advertising at this time.

What's is Gamma's strategy for growth?

Gamma's strategy for growth is to increase our total value locked (TVL) or assets under management (AUM). With more assets being managed, more fees will go to the GAMMA token stakers, and the team will be able to operate without fundraising. This makes the protocol sustainable. We focus on integrations, attracting protocol-owned liquidity, and creating a quality retail experience for users

How can I contact the Gamma team?

The best way to reach out is by joining Discord or using the website contact sheet.

I want to join the Gamma team. Where do I apply?

Please contact Gamma through Discord or their website.

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