Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Gamma and related topics.

Concentrated Liquidity

What is concentrated liquidity?
Why does concentrated liquidity require active management?
What are the benefits and risks associated with concentrated liquidity?
How is Gamma non-custodial?
Are there deposit or withdrawal caps?
Does Gamma allow for dual-sided deposits, single-sided deposits, or both?
What exchanges and platforms do the liquidity pools operate on?
Do L2 pools have any advantages or disadvantages over L1 pools?
What is the fee-based APR?
What is the protocol fees APY?
Is impermanent loss included in the pool APR figures?
How can I track the performance of my LP position(s)?
When are the fees distributed?
Why has the liquidity range dramatically increased on a pair?
A pair is out of range. Why hasn't Gamma re-ranged it?


Who are "Enterprise" users?
Do different strategies exist for enterprise applications?
Does a user-interface (UI) for enterprise applications exist?
Does Gamma support liquidity mining for enterprises?
Does Gamma require DAO approval to list a treasury or fund?
Can enterprise pull their liquidity at any time?
Who is in charge of setting the ranges and amounts?
Can Gamma be used to add liquidity for a token launch?

GAMMA and Staking Tokens

What platform is GAMMA built on?
What are the contract addresses for GAMMA and the staking tokens?
Where can I store my GAMMA?
Is GAMMA available on any other platforms besides Ethereum?
What's the total supply of GAMMA?
Where can I purchase the GAMMA token?
How do I find more public information on GAMMA?
What is the purpose of GAMMA?
How does GAMMA staking work?
What's the staking APY and how is it calculated?
WIll the GAMMA token have any other features in the future?
What is Tokemak and tGAMMA?


Does Gamma have a leader or a CEO?
Is the team public or private (anonymous)?
Where does community interaction happen?
I recieved a DM from a team member. Is this legitimate?
How can I contact the Gamma team?
I want to join the Gamma team. Where do I apply?