Gamma Enterprise

An overview of the Gamma Enterprise


With the introduction of concentrated liquidity on Uniswap V3, Quickswap V3, and other platforms, a need has arisen not just for public liquidity management services but enterprise liquidity management services for DAOs and other projects who wish to have a liquidity position on these platforms.
Gamma's technology stack can offer those organizations non-custodial, automated, and active concentrated liquidity management services.
Gamma has partnered with various DAOs, funds, and protocols to manage liquidity.

Liquidity Management

Gamma can provide liquidity management for a variety of enterprises. This allows these enterprises to focus less on liquidity management and more on their objectives.
Gamma can create vaults for protocols that are both private and publically accessible on any supported decentralized exchange or network.
Using a whitelisted private vault, protocols can also manage their liquidity through a private Gamma Enterprise portal. In combination with Gamma, we have created components for each action that can be taken when managing a liquidity position. There are various other implementations that teams can choose as well, such as a Telegram bot executing based on specific commands.
Gamma provides the same strategies to enterprises as it does to Gamma Automated. The strategies can be significantly more customized on Gamma Enterprise.

Incentive Programs

To incentivize liquidity providers to provide liquidity for a pair, there needs to be either high returns from fees or additional rewards paid out in proportion to the liquidity provided.
Liquidity mining on non-concentrated liquidity was relatively simple. A user deposited liquidity on an exchange and then deposited the LP tokens in a staking contract to receive rewards. However, with the implementation of all possible price ranges of LPs in concentrated liquidity, a liquidity mining program is no longer an easy task for a project to implement.
A few attempts have been created so far, allowing projects to launch liquidity mining on concentrated liquidity platforms such as; the Official Uniswap v3 liquidity mining contract and Andre Cronje’s Uniswap v3 liquidity mining contract. Both essentially calculate the liquidity provided by each LP that is ‘in range’ and reward them respectively.
The main drawback of these approaches is that the liquidity provider will not be rewarded if the price goes out of range and will need to pay for gas to unstake from the contract, manually change the range, and restake back into the contract.
Gamma Enterprise can incentivize liquidity on concentrated liquidity platforms more efficiently by bypassing these problems.
Given the capital efficiency that concentrated liquidity affords, we expect that protocols can incentivize the same amount of liquidity, for 10% of the cost compared to traditional liquidity mining.


Please contact the Gamma team for a demonstration of Gamma Enterprise.