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Vault (Hypervisor) Deposit


  • UniProxy.sol → Deposit proxy contract with information about deposit ratios. All deposits must go thru UniProxy, not Hypervisor

  • Hypervisor.sol → Main vault manager contract with information about both base and limit liquidity ranges and amounts. To withdraw, interact with the Hypervisor.


Functionally the source of any integration would require

1. Getting the ratio of assets

UniProxy.getDepositAmount( lpTokenAddress, tokenProvidedAddress, tokenProvidedQuantity )

returns [minQuanity, maxQuantity]

2. Deposting via the UniProxy → UniProxy.deposit()

UniProxy.deposit( token0Quantity, token1Quantity, userAddress, lpTokenAddress )


Hypervisor.withdraw( lpTokenQuantityToBurn, destinationAddress, sourceAddress, [0,0,0,0] )

(where "Hypervisor" is the lp token contract, destinationAddress is destination for redeemed token0, token1, sourceAddress is holder of the lp tokens, [0,0,0,0] is a min-out constraint only used on L1)

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