A non-custodial, automated, concentrated liquidity manager


Gamma is made up of several modular components which allow non-custodial, active management of concentrated liquidity pools. This service is available to both the public, and enterprise entities like DAOs, treasuries, and stakeholders.
The GAMMA token, while staked, allows users to get exposure to all Gamma CLM pools, by collecting a portion (10%) of generated fees. Staking GAMMA allows users to diversify their assets and avoid the risk of using individual liquidity pools.
Not only does Gamma's technology provide safer interactions with DeFi protocols, but it also allows the permissioning of assets for faster and cheaper interactions.
Gamma also funds the research and implementation of ‘Active Liquidity Provider’ strategies. Gamma is using the proper data science and financial modeling resources necessary to implement the most attractive Active LP strategies available for vault owners.
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