A non-custodial, automated, active concentrated liquidity manager


Gamma is a protocol designed for the non-custodial, automated, active management of concentrated liquidity pools. Gamma's protocol is built into a Web Application hosted on the main Gamma site. This protocol has a Public interface with access to everyone, as well as a whitelisted Pro interface for organizations like DAOs, treasuries, and protocols.
The GAMMA token, while staked, allows stakers to earn fees by collecting a portion of generated fees from all Gamma pools. The percentage of fees varies from pool to pool.
Gamma also funds the research and implementation of Strategies. Gamma is using data science and financial modeling to implement the most effective strategies available for participants. Some of these strategies maximize profit, but some are more sustainable, stable, or applicable to specific scenarios like token launches, high volatility, and correlated pairs.
Gamma's core technology is a position manager contract called a Hypervisor. A Hypervisor has certain management functions like rebalancing, position setting, and fee processing. These functions allow the Hypervisor to actively manage funds in a liquidity pool without compromising custody. At the same time, the Hypervisor can be upgraded to accept new strategies and commands.
In these documents, you'll find a repository of information regarding our community, partnerships, audits, and listings.
You can check frequently updated technical data, like our list of supported pairs, contracts, and tokenomics.
You'll also find resources to help learn how to use Gamma, including guides, a FAQ, and a glossary.
Finally, there is a collection of Gamma's brand assets and media.
Gamma's primary community is on Discord. Our announcements can be found on Discord, Twitter, and Medium. Gamma's code repository can be found on Github.
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