Zyberswap Incentives

Learn how to stake your Gamma LP tokens for Zyberswap incentives.
Gamma's Zyberswap incentive program is an external incentive program. Creating the LP tokens is done on the Gamma App or Zyberswap App while claiming the rewards is done on Zyberswap. The programs run parallel.

1) Learn to use ZyberSwap

To begin, you'll need to familiarize yourself with Zyberswap, a DEX that runs primarily on Arbitrum.
You can use either platform for this program, but if you choose to use Gamma, use our DEX switch and choose Zyberswap, or go to the link below;
Currently, Gamma supports Arbitrum on Zyberswap. To interact with the App, set up your wallet to view Arbitrum tokens and switch the network to Arbitrum on the Gamma App. Head to our Arbitrum guide for information, bridges, links, and more.

2) Explore incentivized vaults

To participate in the Zyberswap incentive program, you'll need to deposit into one of Gamma's incentivized vaults.
This program has many incentivized vaults, with many more to be added. Please check the site for a complete list of vaults and incentive disbursement rates.

3) Aquire LP tokens

You can use our deposit guide below for detailed instructions on depositing into a vault, but we'll cover it briefly in this guide.
For this guide, we'll use a Dual-Sided deposit into the ZYB-WETH 1.5% Narrow position.
To begin, go to the Gamma App, switch to Zyberswap, connect your wallet, and change the network to Arbitrum. The incentivized vaults will be marked with lightning bolts on the APR value. Click on the ZYB-WETH 1.5% Narrow vault to go to the detail page.
On the detail page, you'll find information, a widget to deposit or withdraw funds, and a special widget on the bottom right to stake LP tokens.
The logic of the deposit is simple.
  1. 1.
    Approve ZYB
  2. 2.
    Approve WETH
  3. 3.
    Deposit ZYB and WETH
  4. 4.
    Receive LP tokens
  5. 5.
    Approve LP tokens (on Zyberswap)
  6. 6.
    Stake LP tokens (on Zyberswap)
After every step, the UI should indicate that you've moved on to the next one. If not, try refreshing the page.
The Gamma dashboard only shows your positions if they are LP tokens unstaked in your wallet. If you stake your LP tokens for rewards, count on your LP tokens disappearing from the dashboard. That does not mean they are gone. They are just staked in the rewards contract.
Let's start by approving funds, depositing, and acquiring LP tokens.
Going back to the main dashboard, you can see your active LP position.

4) Stake LP tokens

To stake your LP tokens. go to Zyberswap. Select "Farm" from the top left menu, then make sure you toggled "V3" and "Gamma Farms". Make sure you connect your wallet.
On the staking widget, you can see your LP token balance and options for incentive staking. Press the "Stake" button to begin the process.
In this example, we're going to stake all of our tokens. After selecting an amount, press the "Approve" button. Once cleared, press the "Stake" button.
Success! You've now deposited your LP tokens into the staking reward contract.

5) Claim rewards

You have two options for claiming rewards:
  • The Unstake tab allows you to withdraw your LP tokens and rewards.
  • The Harvest tab allows you to claim your rewards without withdrawing your LP tokens.
In this example, we will claim our rewards and withdraw our LP tokens using the Unstake tab.
To unstake and remove your tokens from the reward contract, press the "Unstake" button.
Press the "Unstake" button on the pop-up prompt.
Checking Arbiscan afterward, you can see that the transaction was successful. Both the LP tokens and the Zyberswap rewards were claimed

6) Dissolve LP tokens

Once you have claimed your rewards, you can continue to provide liquidity for the vault (and earn fees) or withdraw your funds from the vault by dissolving your LP tokens.
We have a specific guide below for withdrawing a liquidity position, but we'll review it again with our current example.
To withdraw your funds, go back to the Gamma vault detail page and select the withdraw tab from the deposit widget. Note the percentages of your position, and if you choose to, proceed with withdrawing from the vault.
Success! Let's double-check it on Arbiscan, as this was a complicated transaction.
Congratulations! You've participated in Gamma's Zyberswap incentive program. We hope you join us for other exciting incentive programs.