Gamma Enterprise

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Gamma Enterprise
Who are Enterprise users?
Enterprise refers to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), treasuries, private protocols, businesses, and everyone else who is not a public retail trader.
Do different strategies exist for enterprise applications?
Yes. Maximizing profit is not always in the best interest of these organizations, particularly enterprise entities providing liquidity to markets. Their needs focus more on consistent and stable liquidity. Gamma can modify its strategies to provide custom products for enterprise users.
Does a user-interface (UI) for enterprise applications exist?
Yes. A private, whitelisted UI is available to enterprise users.
Does Gamma support incentive programs for enterprises?
Gamma offers incentive programs for enterprise users.
Does Gamma require DAO approval to list a treasury or fund?
No. Gamma currently functions without a DAO at this time. See Vault Repository for listing criteria. Do consider that DAOs who wish to list on Gamma require proposals and DAO approval, which can be a lengthy
Is Gamma Enterprise non-custodial?
Gamma Enterprise is non-custodial because Gamma does not control an organization's funds. Depositing into a vault allows organizations to participate but does not restrict organizations from withdrawing from the vault. Likewise, organizations still retain control of their LP tokens when they participate in an incentives program by staking their LP tokens.