H2O Liquidity Mining

Learn how to stake your Gamma LP tokens on H20 for liquidity mining rewards.
Gamma's H2O LM program is an external LM program. Creating the LP tokens is done on the Gamma App, while staking the LP tokens for rewards is done on H20.

1) Purchase qualified tokens

If you haven't purchased these tokens yet, you can find them with these contract addresses:

2) Deposit tokens into an Ocean LM pool

To participate in H2O liquidity mining, you'll need to deposit into one or more of the four qualified hypervisors.
See our deposit guide for how to acquire LP tokens by depositing pairs into these pools.
For this guide, we'll be using an H2O-ETH position.
Proceed to the H2O site for the next step.

3) Go to the H2O site

After you have secured LP tokens, head over to the H2O app.
To use the H2O application, we're going to need to create an account. You can skip this step if you have a MakerDAO or Balancer proxy. For this guide, we'll be making an account.

4) Connect wallet

Go ahead and press the "CONNECT WALLET" button to get started. For this guide, we'll be using Metamask.
Approve connecting to the site on your wallet.
We've now successfully connected.

5) Approve and stake LP tokens

Back on the staking app, you can see all the current pools. Any balance you have should be reflected on the pool user interface.
First, we need to approve our wallet to interact with the contract. Press "Approve".
Follow the prompts on your wallet to approve contract access.
After you have approved the contract, you can begin the deposit. Note that the button has changed from "Approve" to "Deposit". Press the "MAX" button to make sure you get all your LP tokens staked. Then press "Deposit".
Approve the transaction like before.
Deposit success! Let's go back to the user interface.

6) Confirm UI Information

The user interface shows the deposit on both the "Deposit" and "Active Deposit" pages.

7) Confirm on Etherscan

Let's double-check the transaction on etherscan. You can look directly at your wallet by doing to, but let's take a shortcut through MetaMask.
Click on "View on block explorer" to look at the exact transaction on Etherscan.
On etherscan, you can see that the transaction details line up with the H2O user interface.
Congratulations! You are now staking your LP tokens on H2O.